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About Apex Alloy

Apex Alloy Steel Pvt Ltd was started in 1991 by qualified and highly experienced foundry engineers having long experience in foundries making steel castings. The foundry is situated in the north part of Ahmedabad city at a distance of 13 K.M. from Ahmedabad Railway Station and 8 KM. from the Airport.


The Foundry is constructed in a plot area of 9000 Sq. yards and has full facilities to produce Radiography Quality Steel/Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel Industrial and Valve Castings, the main production being valve castings. We have well drawn quality manual and control system led by qualified people to make R.G. Quality Castings. 

For the past 20 years, we have exported machined/machined castings to nations like the United States, Australia, European countries as well as Middle East countries including the UAE and others.  

Steel Industry
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Our Mission Is to Empower

9000sq m

Total Plant Area of Apex Alloy

50 Tons

Spare Production Capacity per Month

250 Tons

Capacity of Castings per Month.

1800 Kg

Weight Range in Single Piece

Foundry Details

  • Power Connection - 1100 KVA (H.T) 

  • Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace with 150 kg.,300 kg., 1000 Kg. and 2000 Kg. crucibles. 

  • CO2 sand/ 2 part sand hand moulding with oil and no-bake cores. 

  • Match Platted Patterns. 

  • Full Fledged Chemical Lab for wet analysis. 

  • Spectrometer (Fe & Ni Base) with N2 analysis facility. 

  • Mechanical Lab with 20 Ton UTM, Rock/ Brinell Hardness Testers, and Impact Testing Machine. 

  • Radiography Film Viewer - 3 Nos. 

  • Oil Fired Heat Treatment Furnace, Trolly Type, Size of 6" x 4.5" x 3.5" - 1 Nos. 

  • Gas Fired Heat Treatment Furnace, Trolly Type, Size of 6" x 5" x 4" - 1 Nos. 

  • Shot Blasting Machine of 72" Turn Table (Double Door) - 1 Nos. 

  • Shot Blasting Machine - Hanger type with cabin size 1 and a half mt. and 1.5 Tonne hook capacity - 1 Nos 

  • Overhead crane 8 nos. 7.5 Tons-1no., 5Tons-2 nos., 3Tons-1no., 2Tons-5 nos., with Jib cranes and all other facilities. 

Manufacturing Facilities for Casting 

Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace - 2 nos. 

550 KW Power pack with 2000 kgs. and 1000 kgs. Crucibles 

175 KW Power pack with 300 kgs. and 150 kgs. Crucibles 

Sand Plant - 2 types: 

Continuous Mixer - 10 Tons capacity for chemically bonded (Alpha set) 

Sand Moulding System with Compaction Table and Roller Conveyor System. 

Semi-Automated Silicate / CO2 Moulding Sand Plant with Core making facilities 

in materials like Alpha set, Phenolic-Ester cured, Phenolic-CO2 cured, etc.


Heat Treatment Furnaces - Calibrated (Thermal survey) yearly under TPI witness: 

Gas Fired, Trolly Type, a single batch load of 5 tons. - 1 no. 

Oil Fired, Trolley Type, a single batch load of 3 tons - 1 no. 

Shot Blasting Machines: 

Hanger Type, with single load up to 2 Tons. 

Two Table Types, Tables of Diameter 6' used alternatively. 

Material Handling Facilities: 

EOT Cranes - 8 nos., (7.5 tons, 5 tons, 3 tons, 2 tons.) 

Jib Cranes are installed at various locations as required. 

Chemical Analysis Facilities: 

Spectrometer - Vacuum Emission Type, Made in Germany, Fe & Ni-based, 25 Channels & 17 elements with N2 & Se analysis facility. 

CRMs - Certified Reference Material - 20 nos., to calibrate/verify spectrometer performance, before analysis. Wet Analysis Laboratory for analysis of Ferroalloys, also used for cross-checking of  Spectrometer analysis results. 

Mechanical Testing Facilities: 

‘FIE' make Universal Testing Machine with Electronic Extensometer connected to the computer: Capacity of 20 Tons 

Impact Testing Machine 'Fine Testing Machine make', Range: 300 Joules. 

Hardness Tester-2 nos. Rockwell and Dynamic types. 

Non-Destructive Testing Facilities available In-House: 

Radiography Test: 

Radiography enclosure capable to handle 50 Curie of Cobalt - 60 sources and Iridium source, can test Casting up to 200 mm thickness. 

Dark Room for film development 


Magnetic Particle Test (MPI) : 

Capable to perform Dry & Wet type and Wet Fluorescent Test methods. 

Prod Type machine - 2 Nos. 

‘Sims’ make Yoke Type Machine - 1 No. 

Dye Penetrant Testing Facilities (DPT/LPT) - with Wet Fluorescent method. 

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (UT) 

Measuring & Process Equipment are calibrated under NABL accredited 


Mechanical Testing Equipment is calibrated under NABL Lab. & TPI witness. 

We verify & ensure that the castings we supply are free from Radioactive 


Machined Steel Casting: 

Capacity to supply castings in Fully / Partially machined condition, available machines range from the conventional lathes to sophisticated CNC, VMC, and HMC Machines. 

Our Clientele - Committed to Reshaping their Organizations.

Serving our clients including Overseas, fortune 500 MNC, private equity firms, PSUs, and other companies - is a privilege and we understand our responsibility to deliver better than expected.  As individuals, these are executives who are committed to reshaping their organizations and to creating real impact in increasingly complex conditions. We laud their commitment and with humility, we recognize the trust placed in us.

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