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Are You Looking for the Best Stainless Steel Castings Manufacturers - Apex Alloy

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Do you need the top manufacturers of Duplex steel castings in Gujarat?

One of the few well-known Class A certified Duplex steel casting manufacturers in Gujarat, Apex Alloy manufactures and distributes the best steel and ductile iron casting products.

With the most up-to-date tools available in the market, we have assembled a group of knowledgeable experts with a wealth of Sand Casting experience.

Sand is used as a mould material in the metal casting process known as "sand casting," also referred to as "sand moulded casting."

Sand-based moulds are reasonably priced and sufficiently refractory, even for use in steel foundries. Sand casting accounts for more than 70% of all metal casting production.

In order to meet the strict requirements of the global market, Apex Alloy, the leading steel casting foundry in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has developed extensive expertise in producing casting products for rail applications, pump, valve, and general engineering applications, among others.

These products are made of plain carbon steel, alloy steel, high nickel alloys, stainless steel, duplex steel, super duplex steel, ductile iron, and ADI.

The Process That Apex Alloy Uses

Plan and Project

When we receive an order from a client, the casting-making process begins. In order to create the necessary patterns and core boxes, we first study the feeding and filling mechanisms of the building-related components.

Then, our R&D team conducts the investigation and develops computer simulations of the solidification of steel casting.

By doing this, we can guarantee that the final products will be of the highest calibre.

The construction of the core boxes, which serve as the templates for the sand moulds and cores into which we pour liquid steel until solidification is complete, is then given to the trained modellers.

Section for Making Moulds and Cores

We have continuous sand mixers for moulding and core making in our state-of-the-art moulding shop at Apex Alloy, one of the top Duplex steel casting manufacturers in Gujarat.

We have a mechanical reclamation plant, and the plant also has three EOT cranes.

The process step where sand cores are created using the core boxes is known as the core-making section. It is an auxiliary moulding section.

Depending on the application, the No Baking Sand System and CO2 Sand System are used to create the core.


The demoulding of the castings is produced by separating the moulding stand of the casting good at Apex Alloys, the best steel casting foundry in Ahmedabad, India.

A shake-out system that vibrates carries out this operation. Sand is used for recycling after being separated into two parts: casting good, which goes through the remaining manufacturing process.

The steel products that have been demolded are now prepared for the shot-blasting process.

After considering all factors

Apex Alloy produces and delivers the highest quality stainless steel casting products to the Indian Railway sector as the leading steel casting foundry, and it looks forward to growing its both domestic and foreign markets for business.

In accordance with the needs of our customers, we also offer specialised casting products.

So get in touch with us if you're looking for the highest quality steel castings and let's grow your company together!

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