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How Apex Alloy is look like
Since 1991

Best Sand Casting in India
Valve, Pumps,
& Engineering Castings

We convert your designs into metal castings.

#1 Best Casting
Manufacture in Gujarat

One-Stop Solution for Multiple Engineering Casting Needs.

Casting in Various Metals Grades

The Apex Alloy offers casting services for various metal grades such as carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, aluminum bronze, and high chrome steel. The metal grades are in accordance with various standards such as ASTM A 216, European, DIN, and Indian Standards, and include cryogenic and duplex/super duplex grades.

Best Foundry in ahmedabad

The foundry at Apex alloys can cast all major types of casting jobs, including but not limited to Gate valve castings, Globe valve castings, Pump castings, and industrial engineering castings. 

Production & Quality Standards

Apex Alloy Steel Pvt Ltd follows manufacturing and quality standards for iron and steel products as prescribed by the annual book of ASTM standards, as well as the standards set by their customers, including Indian, European, DIN, and Australian standards.

Best Casting Service in Gujarat With Excellence Quality

Transforming your Design into Castings

Where Excellence Meets Innovation 

Apex Alloys is an experienced foundry that specializes in casting a wide range of industrial components. They can produce different types of casting jobs, including gate valve castings, globe valve castings, pump castings, and industrial engineering castings. They offer a one-stop-shop solution for all their customers' casting needs, whether it's for prototypes or high volumes of parts. The foundry uses the latest casting technology and methods to ensure precision and accuracy in the finished product. Their skilled team of technicians and engineers is committed to delivering high-quality parts that meet customer specifications. Above all, they maintain a dedication to customer satisfaction. As a result, Apex Alloys is a top choice for any industrial casting job.

Delivering Excellence in Range of Casting Products

Casting is a manufacturing process in which a liquid metall is usually poured into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape.

From a top-notch internal impeller to the primary pump volute casing, or the housing element of a pump, to all the other elements.

Pump Castings

The gate valve's outer body, bonnet, wedge are its main components. These are manufactured as per sand casting process.

Gate Valve Castings

The globe valve's outer body, bonnet, plug are its main components. These are manufactured as per sand casting process.

Globe Valve Castings

The Ball valve's outer body, adaptor, ball are its main components. These are manufactured as per sand casting process.

Ball Valve Castings

The Strainer'ss outer bodyand cover are its main components. These are manufactured as per sand casting process.

Strainer Castings

Apex alloys have a much broader, more than 3 decades of  vast experience when it comes to Engineering industrial casting.

Castings for Engg. Industry

Know more Facts

Read some of the most important facts about types of Casting and its uses.

Best Casting Service in Ahmedbad with Excellence Quality

We take Pride in our Capabilities

Apex Alloy has been in this field for more than 3 decades with capabilities to manufacture huge production quantities and we have many satisfied clients worldwide, proving their strong belief in us.


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